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Scarab Incubator subproject is now online


Author jorgeuriarte
Full name Jorge Uriarte
Date 2007-04-02 02:34:49 PDT
Message I just checked that scarab-incubator.tigris.org is now approved.

Conceptually, it's not a bad place to test revolutions and sandboxes,
out of Scarab development mainstream.

I think current Scarab committers automagically hold permissions in
there, though suscribing to dev at scarab-incubator dot tigris dot org and using
it for conceptual discussions is probably the best approach.

Scarab committers; would you mind subscribing to
It's not likely to get too much traffic, and I think we're all
interested in what could happen in there.

Best regards,


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Scarab Incubator subproject is now online jorgeuriarte Jorge Uriarte 2007-04-02 02:34:49 PDT
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